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About SCL Writing Pros

When you hire SCL Writing Pros, you’re working with Cindy Capitani, a professional writer with 25 years of experience writing, editing and strategizing in all kinds of newsrooms, agencies and businesses.

My newspaper career spanned old media and new, during a time when changes flew by so fast, we were using typesetters and darkrooms one day, and iPhones for everything the next. But rapid changes brought about by the digital revolution didn’t really change our main passion, or purpose, which for most reporters and editors is simply this: storytelling. Great storytelling.

I formed SCL out of a desire to do just that: keep telling great stories–your great stories. The story of

  • what makes your business different
  • what’s your “secret sauce”
  • your greatest disappointment
  • your craziest dream

Imagine your story in 140-characters, 350 words, 1000 words, even more. (Why not a book?) One story can be repurposed many times, and can become a podcast or video. The possibilities are endless. The choices are up to you.

Storytelling may be the best part of my job, but at SCL Writing Pros, I’m here to help with any kind of writing, from everyday emails to complex proposals. Anything goes. I wrote a telephone script for a small real estate firm, and an online dating profile for a middle-aged man. I also created media alert templates for a Times Square entertainer who needed to self-promote. I can write a sales letter on the fly, even if I don’t know your industry. And if I’m booked, I have newsroom associates standing by.

Did I also mention I’m an outstanding researcher, and really, really nosey? That comes with the territory of telling great stories–it’s a must to research every possible angle there is to possibly angle out of a situation, and then stand upside down and try a new app in Beta mode and see if the results are different. When it comes to research, there’s nothing we won’t try. Man-on-the-street impressions, focus groups, trade shows, big data, little data. We love different. But most important, we want to know. Everything.

As a reporter I’ve covered everything from boxing to elections, weddings and funerals, crime and courtrooms, pets and the weather. In business, I remain a generalist, assisting PR firms, wealth managers, entertainers, consultants and professionals from all walks of life. (Maybe you!) Whether you’re a Vegas illusionist, a Midtown CPA, top litigator, town engineer, or the corner guy who makes the great mutz, Cindy Capitani and SCL Writing Pros will help you organize the words in your head and get them out in the world.