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Close your eyes. Pretend for a minute you’re a reporter and your website is a newspaper people click to for information. Imagine your blog on that news site is a place readers enjoy, even rely upon, for industry updates or insider jokes.

Now open your eyes and look around your business with your reporter’s lens on. Think about the upcoming blog for your readership. What will you write about? What’s the next (or first) story your business should tell?

You’re an expert in your industry and I’m certain you could tell me a lot of really amazing stories about your business if I asked you the right questions. So go ahead—pretend to be me. Ask yourself some questions and play the part of the reporter. And then start writing.

Your website is your newspaper, your blog is your vehicle. Get your story out—readers are waiting.

Some people find the prospect of putting fingers to keyboard, facing a blank screen, “writing,” positively terrifying. I once had a man hand me post-its and scribbled notes on pub napkins (and a $50 bill)—his overdue article for a college newspaper. (My first ghostwriting assignment!) When I handed the finished story to him the next day, I saw he wasn’t a man at all, just a boy of 20 or so. Stress. It literally aged him. (He switched majors.)

Don’t get stressed out about writing. If you’re not sure where to start, email me with the subject line “Reporter,” and I’ll send you a complimentary tip sheet “Everyday Storytelling: Be Your Own Reporter.” If you’ve already written a blog post and aren’t sure it’s newsworthy, or you’re worried about typos, or grammar errors, or you’re just plain worried because writing can be like that … ask me for price quotes.

I can edit, advise, rewrite or invent. I’m a goal-oriented, but kind editor and a creative writer with a business attitude. I absolutely love a good story and look forward to hearing yours.

Best of all? I’ll help you re-use the same story using different words and platforms—kind of like making a movie from a book and later, whipping it into a Broadway musical. Well, not exactly. But imagine the possibilities…

Want to know more? Contact me!

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